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Annual San Quentin Toy Run

San Quentin Toy Run was started in 2000 with friend, Rick Waters [a friend of 40 years.] Christmas toys are collected for children of San Quentin State Prison inmates. The Toy Run has received many awards and acknowledgments. It is the first Sunday of December. This is Bret's favorite day of the year. This was so successful we did a benefit to reunite the children of imates with their dad on Father's day. The kids were bussed from LA with the help of GetOnTheBus.us.


Above: The June 2011 reunion visit of imates with their
children from Los Angeles.

Bret Hatt Thurnder Press San Quentin Toy Run
Above: December 2010 Thunder Press San Quentin Charity


Hatt’s 11th Annual Toy & Poker Run

It was another good year for the kids of San Quentin Inmates children. This year on Saturday Dec. 4th 2010 Bret Hatt, Hatt’s Motorcycles & all his biker friends got up early in the RAIN to meet up at Pier 15 Restaurant in San Rafael to get ready to ride out to the Friends Outside House on the Hill, San Quentin Visiting Center where the kids would be waiting with excitement. About 11am in the rain the bikes headed out, going down Francisco Blvd. with hundreds of bikes bringing toys & trucks following filled up with to the top with toys!!!! The pack stayed together all the way to SQ prison where the kids were waiting in excitement to see the bikes & the toys! This year being not so good with the economy it made such a huge impacted on these kids that have been suffering from their parent being incarcerated. Bret & some of his friends know what it is like to have a child while in jail or prison. He almost missed the birth of his first child back some 31 years ago from being in jail. Anyone who struggles from addiction understands the hardship on children & how parents can end up in jail or prison and the kids suffer not just at Christmas but for most of their life.

Bret has been building & restoring REAL OLD SCHOOL Harley Davidson & Indian Motorcycles for over 30 years now. He makes some of the most beautiful bikes out of an old rusty pile of parts. One day his best friend Rick Waters of over 40 years & he thought about doing some kind of RUN. The first thing they thought of was, how about doing something for the kids! How about the kids of incarcerated parents that are in San Quentin Prison. He contacted Friends Outside who runs the visitors center for the families of San Quentin and other prisons families in California and so there it was, the first Sunday of December 2000 Hatt‘s 1st Annual San Quentin Toy Run. Bret called up all his customers & friends, at the time he had a very successful shop on the Miracle Mile in San Rafael, CA and so he was able to get the support from all those loyal customers & friends to bring toys to the kids. He put on a big party at the end with food to show gratitude to all the bikers who showed up & supported this run and brought hundreds of toys for the kids. It was a very happy day for these kids who sometimes had never even gotten a present at Christmas or ever for that matter.

In 2002 he turned this run into a Toy & Poker Run once again with the help of his customers, friends & fellow bikers bringing toys to the kids and how excited they were & Friends Outside so grateful to Bret Hatt for making this event happen every year. In 2005 Bret after being clean & sober for over 11 years & helping a lot of his friends get CLEAN & SOBER and bringing meetings, H & I in the Marin county jail for 9 years, Bret relapsed. In 2005 he lost his shop, spent sometime in jail but toy run still went on but not by him, by someone that was trying to take over his shop. In 2006-2007 Rip City Riders was kind of enough to help Bret, Hatt’s Motorcycles get the run back on track! A member of the Rip City Riders had a motorcycle shop in Rohnert Park so they were able to get together hundreds of bikes to once again bring hundreds of toys to the kids of the San Quentin Inmates. In 2008 Bret was fortunate enough to get the help from is friend Francine who knows what it is like to be able to help out the cause since she has her own run every year. The Kids Street Run which also has kids impacted by a parent in prison. By this time Bret was back on his feet and doing what he loves. Custom building & Restoring some of the most beautiful Old school Harley-Davidson Motorcycles one has even seen. His bikes have original motors & frames from the 1930’s, 1940’s 1950’s etc. which make these bikes collector’s.

In 2009 he had the help from his girlfriend, Kelly, and in 2010 Bret & Kelly of Hatt’s Motorcycles put on one of the best SQ Toy Run ever is what was said for days after the event. Hatt’s Motorcycles with the help of his friends & business owners that sponsor this event has made it possible to donate money to Center Force-Life Project a program that helps the teens of incarcerated parents.. This program is HUGE for helping these kids. With the money raised from the Toy Run it made it possible to pay for a camping trip for over 40 kids through Life Project. Center force-Life Project is so grateful to Bret & Hatt’s Motorcycles & all Bret friends, family & fellow bikers who have made it possible for these kids to get their camping trip etc. Center force-Life Project has this year nominated Bret for Volunteer of the Year Award through Heart of Marin on Jan 6th 2011. Even though he did not win, all the folks who have donated their time to non profit organizations are winners! The actually winner was a woman who donates her time and works one on one with the inmates inside of San Quentin Prison. Karen Janfort-Insight Prison Project what a wonderful person she is!!!


San Quentin Toy Run Bret Hatt
Above December 2009 Thunder Press San Quentin Charity

San Quentin Toy Run Bret Hatt

San Quentin Toy Run Bret Hatt

Toy Run Bret Hatt

San Quentin Charity

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